Monday, September 3, 2018

New Release: Dawn of the Red Sun

I'm thrilled to introduce the conclusion to the Sunscapes Trilogy, Dawn of the Red Sun! This story follows Kai Shay and Liaena Griffin as they fight for their loved ones and try to save the galaxy. Can love cross enemy lines?

Being the daughter of a megalomaniac isn’t easy. Liaena Griffin suffers abuse from her father and suspicion from his adversaries, the Shays. She’s always admired them, especially enticing Kai Shay, and needs their help to save her mother. Convincing them she’s not her father’s evil puppet won’t be a simple thing.

 Kai has never trusted Liaena, though she attracts him like no other woman. So when she offers to be their spy in exchange for rescuing her mother, his misgivings multiply. They can’t pass up this opportunity in their fight to prevent Webster Griffin from dominating the galaxy. But keeping his hands and heart to himself may be the greatest challenge he’s ever faced.

As the epic conflict between their families draws to a close, Kai and Liaena struggle to find common ground. How do they save loved ones from a tyrant’s rule without falling for each other?

As she accepted her package of goodies with an air of satisfaction he said, “I see Sin’s converted you to the dark side.”

“The shop on your station has a fine selection of chocolates, but this vendor has candies I’ve never even seen before.” She lifted the package and pointed to one of her finds. “He calls this one Spiced Heaven. Would you like a taste?”
“Of so many things,” he purred, letting his gaze take a slow walk from her pointing finger along the silky skin of her arm and throat to her mouth.
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