Sunday, July 3, 2016

~ ~SMASHWORDS SALE, July 2016~ ~

Smashwords is having a site-wide sale going on from July 1st through July 31st. All of my titles are now being offered for a discount or ‪free‬! See the titles listed below for your best scifi fantasy romance ‪‎deal‬.

O'Leary Discounted Titles:
Felinar Chronicles ... Free
Stepping Stones: Huntress Series of Short Stories ... Free
The Huntress ... 50% off
Angels and Ministers of Grace ... 50% off
Light of Kaska ... 25% off
DeeDeck Design ... 25% off
The Third Sign ... 25% off
No Such Thing ... 25% off
Here There Be Dragons (Sunscapes Trilogy Book 2) ... 25% off

Discount Codes:
For 25% off use code SSW25 at checkout
For 50% off use code SSW50 at checkout
For Freebie use code SFREE at checkout