Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pre-Release Party for Vessel of Power!

Join Michelle O'Leary at 4:45pm on Sunday, Oct 2, 2016 for Vicki Rose's Sensational September Multi Author/Genre Online Book Party! Enjoy the cover for Vessel of Power, learn about this exciting fantasy romance with the author, and have a chance to win a copy before it's release on Oct 7th, 2016.
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/840162059418513/
EDIT: Due to hostess illness, the party changed weekends from Sept 16-18 to Sept 30 - Oct 2

 Upcoming Release, VESSEL OF POWER, fantasy romance through The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: Oct 7th, 2016

Lia must stop the elemental prince at all costs. Prince Destin is searching for the Vessel of Power, an object containing the might of the gods. His soulless father will use it to destroy their world, starting with her family. Lia will do whatever it takes to protect the Vessel, except she can’t seem to end this magnetic prince of fire.

Destin won’t let anything stand in his way, even a gorgeous changeling with mayhem on her mind. He’s determined to prove his worth as son and heir by retrieving the Vessel for his father. Lia challenges him at every turn, but he burns whenever he’s near this tantalizing changeling.

Torn between loyalty to family and desire for one another, Destin and Lia struggle to find the right path. Can they save their world and each other? Will finding the Vessel bind them together or drive them apart forever?

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Michelle O'Leary
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Playing Favorites

One question I'm often asked by readers is, "Who was your favorite character to write?" Now, I don't like to play favorites. Most of the time I'll answer I love all my characters the same. While this is true, I will admit I'm most entertained by those characters providing comic relief in my stories. What can I say? I crack myself up.

In my upcoming release, Vessel of Power, the role of comic relief went to Rune, the hero's best friend and cousin. The hero, Prince Destin, is intense, driven, and serious. So is the heroine, Lia. They needed the counterweight of humor, which the irreverent, smart-ass Rune provides with style. My favorite scenes are when Rune is bantering with the hero, heroine, or both, driving them nutty with his mercurial wit and sideways charm.

In my humble opinion, humor is a necessary element in any dramatic story line. Not only does it provide a break from intense action or darker emotional scenes, but humor can also be a way to view the story/characters in a different light, giving the reader new insights. In Vessel of Power, Rune gives his fellow characters and the reader an amusing new angle on the action and the motivations of those around him.

To learn more about Rune and the rest of the cast of characters from fantasy romance Vessel of Power, watch for this release on The Wild Rose Press and Amazon October 7th, 2016.

Michelle O'Leary
Website: http://molearyauthor.wixsite.com/michelleoleary
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/molearyauthor