Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho... ( The Xmas Kind ;)

Just call me Santa's Little Helper! Not because I like green tights, jingly hats, and shoes with bells on them (though I do actually ~snicker~) but because I want to give out gifts!

Let's start with a Kindle Countdown Deal for Here There Be Dragons, my newest scifi romance release. This second installment in the Sunscapes Trilogy will be $0.99 on Amazon starting ~DEC 17TH~ so be sure to stop in and get your copy this week!

 Here There Be Dragons, Sunscapes Trilogy Book 2
$0.99 Kindle Countdown Deal Starts Dec 17th: Click Here

Also, all of the following are marked down for the Holidays on Amazon's Kindle Store:

The Huntress - $2.99 
Stepping Stones: The Huntress Series of Short Stories - $1.99
Angels and Ministers of Grace - $2.99
Last Chance, Sunscapes Trilogy Book 1 - $2.99
Light of Kaska - $2.99
No Such Thing - $2.99
The Third Sign - $2.99
Felinar Chronicles - $1.99

And if you've read down this far, Dear Reader, you deserve a special reward. Just email me at, tell me which of the above titles you'd like to read, and I'll send you a PDF copy of it for FREE. Yipeeee!! :D

Lotsa Love and Happy Holidays!

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