Thursday, August 21, 2014

NEW RELEASE: DeeDeck Design

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my newest romantic scifi adventure, DeeDeck Design! This story originally started as a serial chapter book I posted on my website, but when I finished it, I decided to collect it into an entire novel. My favorite part about this book (probably due to the way it was written, each chapter meant to keep the tension flowing) is the fast-paced, constant action, a wild ride that'll hopefully leave readers breathless. I also adore the snappy interaction between the hero and heroine...those who are familiar with my work will know I'm a sucker for smartasses. *wink*

I hope you enjoy!

Dr. Moira Bannen faces death every day. But she’s never seen a killer like this before. As a specialist working for the Department of Disease Eradication and Control, she’s battled nature at its worst. Plagues she can handle, but now someone is targeting her for eradication.

Sent to another galaxy to manage a deadly outbreak, Moira narrowly escapes an attempt on her life. Bizarre circumstances draw private investigator Jackson Coltier into her plight, and he races to save her before the killer can strike again. Together they fight to stay alive and catch a murderer. But time is not on their side and the killer always seems a step ahead…

DeeDeck Design is available through the following retailers:
Amazon Kindle
Smashwords (several ebook formats)
CreateSpace (print book)

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