Monday, April 6, 2020

New Release: At Sun's Rising

I'm thrilled to introduce an addition to the Sunscapes universe, the scifi romance novella, At Sun's Rising! The future hinges on Tycho and Nadya discovering the secrets of dangerous megalomaniac, Webster Griffin. Can a scientist and a spy save the galaxy? Join their adventure...


Tycho, a cleric in the Order of the White Sun, is a scientist, not a spy, yet he agrees to go undercover in a secret lab owned by criminal mastermind Webster Griffin. His only contact with the outside world is Nadya, a cleric from the Blue Order, an experienced operative—and a sensual temptation.

Nadya is delightfully drawn to her new partner, but she can't afford distractions. She has to support him and pass his findings along to her superiors…without getting them both killed. Will they uncover Griffin's secrets or become more victims in his bloody rise to domination?


Catching him by surprise, she rose on her toes and brushed a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth. “Dream of me, blue eyes,” she murmured before slipping past him into her transport.

Tingling all over and still feeling the soft, luscious press of her lips, he stared at the closed hatch for a full minute before he could catch his breath. At this moment, he wasn’t sure which was more dangerous—working for Webster Griffin or dealing with a Blue cleric.

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