Thursday, November 7, 2013

Soon to Be Released: Here There Be Dragons, Sunscapes Trilogy Book 2

I'm excited to announce the impending release of the second book in my Sunscapes Trilogy, Here There Be Dragons. It was such a pleasure to give these characters life again and continue their stories of redemption and intrigue, romance and action. Read on to catch a glimpse into a new chapter of the Sunscapes Trilogy.

This second installment in the Sunscapes Trilogy continues the epic struggle between two mega companies, deciding the fate of the entire galaxy. The Endgame has begun, pitting Shay Enterprises against Quasicore—the Shay twins, mysterious and dangerous, weave a seductive web for their ruthless, lethal opponent, Webster Griffin, whose hunger for power and control might just destroy all civilization.

Here There Be Dragons continues the saga through Nick Givliani as he investigates the unscrupulous and unpredictable Shay twins and their intriguing cohort, Cassie Draegen. As Shay Enterprise's resident genius, driven by a dark past of her own, Cassie is their technological advantage over Quasicore. A target of both Griffin's avarice and Nick's investigations, Cassie desperately struggles to fulfill the next step in the Shay's complex design against their enemy.

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