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7TH SHOWCASE: The Huntress

To conclude my showcase series spotlighting my published novels, this seventh post focuses on my very first published novel, The Huntress. It may have been my first step into the publishing world, but I'm still quite proud of it and still very much in love with the characters, from the Huntress herself, Mea Brin, to the object of her hunt, Seth Terrik (aka: Bay Stone). A wild ride and hot romance, The Huntress has a bit of scifi action for everyone! And it doesn't stop there, the fun spilling over into a series of short stories titled Stepping Stones (further down in post).

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The Hunter:
Traumatized at a young age by the violent death of her parents, Mea Brin becomes a Hunter, part of an elite policing force of the Planetary Coalition. She is the best of the best, ruthless and predatory on a hunt and driven by the memory of violence. But then she meets Seth Terrik, an escaped convict, and Regan Freya, a child recently orphaned. The pair make an impression on Mea she can’t ignore—she feels a deep empathy for the girl and in Terrik she sees reflections of herself. Her choices seem limited—duty demands that she capture the escapee and turn the child over to the proper authorities. But Mea is not one to allow duty to define her. She creates a new choice.

The Convict:
Seth Terrik has spent more than half of his life in prison. All that he knows or cares about is survival and the fight for freedom until a trusting girl becomes his responsibility and a seductive Hunter offers him what looks like a second chance at life. The simple rules of his existence become much more complicated as he is forced to redefine the concepts of survival and freedom. What does a hardened criminal like him know of trust or love? Is he even capable of stepping beyond instinct and into human emotion?


Mea could see his shadow but not much else. He, on the other hand, could see her more clearly. She let her eyes travel down then back up, taking in every muscular inch of him. “I could always sweeten the deal.”

The point of his knife at her chest stopped her forward momentum. Eyeing it for a moment then grinning up at him, she stepped to the right and began circling. “By that I mean if you haven’t found transport by the time I’m done here, I could take you myself to a destination of your choice.” She was pleased to see that he didn’t turn with her, just watched her when she moved behind him. “Think about it. Good food, hot shower, soft bed…”

On the last two words she ran a nail across the back of his neck. He reacted instantly, knocking her arm away and grabbing her throat. Slamming her up against the wall, he pressed the cold edge of the blade to her jugular. Stifling long years of training, she relaxed in his grip.

“I said, not interested.” His deep, inscrutable voice didn’t sound the least bit unnerved, but his actions said otherwise.

She chuckled low in her throat. “All right, stubborn. If your mind is made up.” She ran the backs of her fingers along the inside of his wrist.

He immediately released her and stepped back.

She had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. Oh, what a tasty treat you are, tiger, she thought with hungry humor.


Mea Brin: A bounty hunter who tracks down baddies and brings them to justice. Her life is thrown into chaos when she meets an escaped convict she doesn't want to hunt.

Seth Terrik/Bay Stone: Escaped convict and consummate survivor; he doesn’t believe in love until The Huntress and an orphaned girl teach him.


5-STARS - "The Huntress" by ItsWindy
Amazingly human. Action adventure romance and mystery. Strongly passionate. Once you get a glimpse of these characters you're caught in a fascinating venture. You won't be bored!

5-STARS - "Fantastic!" by liirogue
I couldn't put this one down. I was completely drawn into the world and became attached to the characters. It's sci-fi, but it doesn't get bogged down in techie descriptions like so many others in this genre tend to. Highly recommended - great mix of adventure and romance.

5-STARS - "Satisfyingly Excellent" by Mara
Mea and Seth/Stone are perfect for each other and the world-building is great. It is detailed enough to be comprehensive without the error that so many writers make, of being so detailed that it becomes a bore. There's lots of room for the reader's own imagination to fill in, and to allow the author to write more stories in the same universe. Same with the back story of the protagonists. Perfect!

5-STARS - "Loved It" by Megan Gambrell
Stone and Mea are the cutest couple. Regan is so intelligent and cute. Warren and Ema were funny and were very supportive of Mea and Stone. Highly recommended if you enjoy action packed romance stories. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!5!

5-STARS - "The Huntress" by Tree
After several thousand scifi books and a handfull of romance novels (not my usual cup of tea), this author has done a rolicking, wonderful thing. She has out-sexied the old prigish scifi of the fifties and sixties, probably out-sexied the majority of romance novelists. But, better yet, Mea is the more human and humane hero that we could hope our daughters and sisters could believe it possible to be. In spite of all the violence and bleakness in the life of a Hunter, this author dares to unmask her men, women and children as being people who have more in common than not. Afraid, hungry for closeness and kindness, and finally suffering the despair of not knowing if caring is even possible. The whole thing would be almost laughable EXCEPT this writer seems to know that we're all hopelessly at the mercy of those we love and need the most and of the quiet dread of all lovers that their beloved may not just be late to supper, but may well be lying dead somewhere. Cry for the mortals!

5-STARS - "Awesome!" by Silverlake
This book is so awesme! I love it! I would highly recomend this book to romance lovers and action lovers. Although, I would not recomend this to kids under 14.


Amazon Purchase Link:
Stepping Stones: The Huntress Series of Short Stories

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