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6TH SHOWCASE: Angels and Ministers of Grace

In this sixth installment of my series showcasing my published novels, Angels and Ministers of Grace takes center stage. A scifi romantic adventure with intriguing aliens, a heroine with extraordinary powers, and a grumpy hero determined to do his duty.

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Angels and Ministers of Grace


Anya Vaedrin is a woman of extraordinary talents. A singer by trade, she has earned the nickname Angel with her voice, her white hair, and deep blue eyes-and a secret.In a time when telepaths hold power and empaths are ignored, Anya is an explosive mix of the two talents. Able to both read emotions and cause others to feel anything she wishes, from joy to fear and pleasure to pain, Anya is a new breed the telepaths would give anything to possess. Or destroy.

Pursued to the ends of human space by a telepathic assassin, Anya has one last hope of safety before she must brave alien territory. Far Reach Station is known for its liberal policies towards alien species, but would they give sanctuary to someone wanted by the Telepath Guild?


Jason felt like a hungry tiger watching his prey pass all unknowing right under his nose. His fury had transformed into a raging hunger, making his who...le body tense and burn. Her own extravagant anger only added fuel to the fire—her flushed face and snapping eyes made her even more beautiful to him.

“I cannot believe you two let it get that bad! Do you know how hard it was to be in the middle of that thing? Those people had gone to the point of madness, all that violence and pain. And it all could have been prevented! I could just—”

She passed too close. He pounced, dragging her against him with one hand at the back of her head and the other arm around her waist. Control lost, he slanted his mouth across hers, the frustration, jealousy, and anger of the past few days forgotten as her sweet taste and intoxicating scent soaked into him like a balm and rendered him mindless with desire...

Amazon Reviews:

5-STARS - "Adventure and love with a side of mystery in space" by B. Appling
Wow, I couldn't believe how much fun and intrigue could be in space. Throw in alien species and a possible war. Add a bit of romance and sexual tension. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

5-STARS - "A Review of Angels and Ministers of Grace" by AJ Caywood
Michelle O'Leary has written a great Sci-Fi adventure and love story with her second novel Angels and Ministers of Grace. All the characters-whether human or alien-are well written and come to life on the pages. The worlds she creates for her characters have the complexities that Sci-Fi lovers enjoy, and the romance that evolves between Anya and Jason is a wild ride itself! Full of emotion, world-building, and alien creatures, this is a wonderful story to curl up with and read in one sitting.

Amazon Kindle Link: Angels and Ministers of Grace

Hero & Heroine:

Anya Vaedrin: singer and tel-empath, she has a unique power that makes her a target. Searching for sanctuary, she finds more than she bargained for at the Far Reach Station, including the means to rescue herself.

Jason Salvatore: second in command of Far Reach Station; his carefully ordered world is turned upside down when he meets Anya “The Angel” Vaedrin.

What I liked best: I most enjoyed the intrigue and alien mystery of this storyline, the epic events and consequences of the characters actions. I suppose this title could be labeled a space opera, lots of action and far-reaching repercussions.

What I liked least: Usually I say the ending, but in this case I wasn't as attached to the main romantic characters as I was to the secondary ones, Captain Marta and Rie the Thlassnian especially.

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