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5TH SHOWCASE: Last Chance

In this fifth installment of my Showcase series, the focus is on Last Chance, book 1 of the Sunscapes Trilogy. It has a lovely new cover (as does book 2) but is still the same epic, romantic adventure!

On Amazon: Last Chance (Sunscapes Trilogy)


Corrupt and malign, the corporation Quasicore has dominated Del's life for ten years, using his father's debt and his brother's safety as leverage to make him do their bidding. Forced into acts that become progressively more shady and criminal, Del finally rebels when they demand the unthinkable. To kill.

Desperate for a way out, he flees the Core, only to find himself entangled with the dazzling and dangerous Shays. Sin Shay's offer of protection seems too good to be true and her motives are suspect. Is Shay Enterprises simply a rival of the Core or a partner in crime? Is Sin's offer of a new life his last chance at redemption or just another version of hell?


His dreams were filled with her. He relived the slice they had run together in such stunning, perfect accord, his body throbbing with exaltation.... Then he relived the kiss, except in his dream they didn’t stop at one. And then they were no longer in the crowd, but in a slicer, or maybe they were slicers, but he knew they were naked and moving, flying together, twisting and sliding and…

He felt a touch on his shoulder and opened his eyes to see Sin bent over him. At that moment with the dream still clinging to him, he didn’t realize he was awake. It seemed only natural for him to reach up and bury a hand in the dark silk of her hair, pulling her closer to capture her mouth with his. She tasted sweeter than any dream could be and her scent filled his senses like a drug. But reality caught up with him when she pulled away, a storm in her green eyes and a frown on her brow.

He swore softly when he realized what he’d done. “Sorry…” he rasped but wasn’t sure what else to say. How was he supposed to explain? Sorry Boss, I was having a sex dream about you?

Amazon Reviews:

5-STARS - "Another winner from Michelle O'Leary" by K. Frost love O'Leary's books, but having a trilogy this time is fabulous. More time with great characters and well plotted, thrilling stories.In Last Chance, we meet the Shays, Sinsudee (Sin) and her brother Manakai (Kai). Wealthy, powerful, and very dangerous. They are willing to pay off a massive debt to free Del Givliani from the Core, a powerful company that is in every way a massive criminal organization. He'd been tied to the Core, forced to do things he wasn't proud of, to pay off his father's debts and save his brother. The Shay's have their own reasons for saving him, but Del is worried that he's gone from the frying pan to the fire.

Del is the quintessential bad boy. Sexy, dangerous, and suspicious of what he's gotten himself into. He's also head-over-heels in lust with the beautiful Sin Shay. Sin is attracted as well and has trouble remembering she Del's boss. Kai is an intriguing combination of sexy charm and knife-edge dangerous. These are all strong, well thought out characters and I was really happy that Sunscapes is a trilogy so I'll be able to spend more time with all the main and secondary characters.

The plot is great, convoluted, exciting, and draws you in from the first page. Intricate plotting and solid characters are O'Leary trademarks. All her books are keepers, the kind you save to reread to visit old friends. Book 2 of the Trilogy, "Here There Be Dragons" is out now and I'm off to continue the adventure. Enjoy.

5-STARS - "Great Book" by Vickie Pais
I am an avid reader... I read a lot of suspense Mystery Books not really much SiFi, but I will tell you right from the first couple pages I was drawn into this story. And before long I could not stop reading it. I will check out all books from Michelle O'Leary.

4-STARS - "Dangerous Games" by Mara
Absorbing sci-fi with an excellent plot and cast of characters. The undeclared war between two major trading houses in the far future has a distinctly Machiavellian air of Renaissance Italy. The characters are well written - the Shaw twins are a delight and the romance between Sin and Dev is cautious and inexorable. I'm looking forward to the next pair of characters' story!

On Amazon: Last Chance (Sunscapes Trilogy) 

Hero & Heroine:

Sin Shay: corporate predator and undercover operative, she plays a dangerous game with her rival that has galactic reprecussions, as well as very personal ones.

Del Givliani: slicer pilot trapped into a life of crime; Sin Shay offers him a new start, but he has as much trouble believing her as keeping his hands off her.

What I liked best: The most enjoyable part of this book for me were the characters--the character arc for Del seeking redemption and a place to belong, and the Shay twins with their mysterious past and sensational personalities. The secondary characters also delighted me, so much that I had to keep this story going into a trilogy.

What I liked least: Usually I say the ending, but since I started book 2 right away, it didn't feel like an ending.

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