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4TH SHOWCASE: Light of Kaska

In this fourth installment of my showcase series, the novel taking center stage is Light of Kaska, a scifi romance with a captivating caste of characters on a wild adventure. I'm delighted to show off Light of Kaska's new cover, a sultry visual much more reflective of the story than the previous covers.

Amazon Link: Light of Kaska


Escaped convict Chase Stryker is on the run from the Collectors, an agency that tracks down criminals and brings them to justice. Hiding on a drowsy farming planet seems ideal, but murder and mayhem follow him wherever he goes—in an ironic twist of fate, he’s blamed for a murder he didn’t commit and sentenced to death by flame without a trial.

Rescue comes in the form of Sukeza bet Marish, an unlikely champion whose unassuming, fearful exterior inspires his contempt. But there’s more to his little rescuer than meets the eye, starting with the fact that she’s not part of the farming community and the secret they’d kill to protect. His reluctant fascination begins when he discovers that she smells like sunshine, tastes like nectar, and can offer him everything he never knew he needed.


She offered him another bite without a word, fingers trembling hard enough to shake crumbs from the pastry, her gaze lowered and cheeks a delicate pink color. He had the sudden urge to lean forward and close his mouth on her fingers, to taste her skin and feel her flesh between his lips, his teeth.

Gratitude, he thought as he took the bite without touching her. That was why he was feeling this sudden, weird affinity toward her, why the sunshine smell of her skin, the warm, sweet female scent, was having such a profound affect on him. His women were usually bigger, bolder, brassier. They weren’t small, mousy creatures who jumped at his slightest movement. It was just gratitude for her help that made him want to kiss her feet. And nibble her toes. And sink his teeth into the flesh of her calves and lick the backs of her knees and spread her thighs…

The image of his hands sliding down the inside of her thighs as she lay open to him sent a violent shaft of lust through his body, making him jerk in his chains and inhale sharply. Coughing a fragment of pastry from his airway, he tipped his head back and stared at the ceiling, nonplussed.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, just…stiff,” he answered with an ironic twist of his lips and a roll of his shoulders. If she looked in his lap, she’d know he wasn’t referring to his shackled arms. Pretty strong friggin’ gratitude.

Amazon Reviews:

5-STARS - "You can't go wrong with a Michelle O'Leary novel" by K. Frost
Chase Stryker is a man on the run across the galaxy. As an escaped convict, the Collectors are after him. Yet, even while trying to hide himself from retribution from crimes he committed, he can’t stop need to rescue Sukeza who inadvertently helped him escape capture for another crime…this time, one he didn’t commit.

Chase is a great character. He knows who and what he is, and he makes no excuses. When helping Sukeza leads him into a world unlike anything in his experience, he stays true to his character as he tries to sort out his new life. Sukeza (Keza…I love her nickname) was on a quest to find herself before going home. Finding Chase was important for more reasons than she first thought, especially when she pushes him from one kind of prison cage into another.

Light of Kaska is one of those books that I keep to read again, and I just finished reading it for the second time, and still stayed up well into the night to finish it, even knowing the ending. I love all of Michelle O’Leary’s books. They are all wonderfully different, carefully plotted, and with characters you don’t want to let go of when the book ends. I can highly recommend every one of her stories.

5-STARS - "Gritty, Fast-paced SciFi Romance" by Fate
This heartfelt, colorful tale follows a dangerous, escaped criminal with a good heart and his farm girl rescuer who, under her demure and fearful demeanor, hides a strong will and a wicked determination. Together they'll have to face angry mobs, zealous Collectors, and their own growing attraction for each other in a universe that seems to be conspiring against them.

The novel is more about emotional conflicts than physical ones. Don't pick this up if you're expecting ship-to-ship battles or blaster fights. The 2 main characters are down-to-earth people you can relate to and respect, but they're also just naive and foolish enough that there is considerable teasing and hilarious situations that arise.

The writing was awesome. The author really has a way with words that engages the reader and makes it hard to put the book down. The world-building isn't very expansive, nor is it hard sci fi (so don't expect everything to be explained), but there is enough there to keep you on track and provide a seamless environment for the characters to traverse that makes sense.

The words fly off their pages and the book isn't very long, but it was free when I downloaded it so I can't complain. Additionally, the ending was satisfying, the story was never bogged down at any one point, and for what was presented, there wasn't really anything more to say without expanding the plot considerably. All in all, I thought it was a great book from an author I'd never heard of, but am glad to have discovered.

Amazon Link: Light of Kaska

Hero & Heroine:

Chase Stryker: an escaped convict running from the Collectors; his fascination for his little rescuer leads him straight into tantalizing trouble.

Sukeza bet Marish: heir to a powerful House on Kaska; she finds her way home when she rescues an escaped convict from his fate and his loneliness.

What I liked best: My favorite part of Light of Kaska was the character arc, for both Keza and Chase. With Keza, she finds her strength and sense of purpose by going back to her roots. Chase is a hardened loner trapped in a dark, brutal world until he meets Keza and her family.

What I liked least: I really wanted to keep following these characters and watch them continue to grow, but the story had to end sometime.

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