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3RD SHOWCASE: No Such Thing

In this third installment of my series showcasing my published novels, I'm focusing on No Such Thing, a scifi romance about a woman with incredible power and how she chooses to use it. When caught between love and duty, is destruction the only way?

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In a desperate war, the temptation to use any weapon is irresistible. Ryelle Soliere, a telenetic with the ability to move objects with her mind, is either the Fleet’s most powerful weapon or their greatest downfall in the war against the GenTec. She is the strongest telenetic to ever come out of the Institute, frightening even her own kind with the extent of her talent. Raised in isolation and taught strict control, Ryelle boards the flagship of the Fleet determined to prove her worth in battle and her obedience to the Institute. Until she meets Declan McCrae. With his open, trusting friendship and his sweet, compelling seduction, he reveals a world she’s never seen and changes her beliefs about herself and her abilities. Feeling Ryelle slipping their control, the Institute sets out to teach the pair the price of love and war. Ryelle and Declan must discover if their future holds victory, or if there is no such thing as peace.


“Mother of god,” the commander whispered.

Ryelle turned to look at him, a dismal ache settling in her chest at the naked shock on his face. Now she would stop being human to him and become some sort of monster. It was inevitable.

He twitched, still staring into space. “It’s coming back.”

“Yes. I didn’t want a rogue asteroid flying around knocking ships out of the sky.” Without looking away from the commander’s rigid features, she settled the rock back into its place in the ring. It was no longer a whole asteroid but the pieces would still drift along in a normal orbit with the rest of the ring debris.

“Ryelle,” he said with care, still staring at the returned jumble of rock, “that asteroid was nearly as big as this ship.”

“I know.”

“You—that’s—” His lips continued to move but no sound came out.

She felt the bitterness in her smile and schooled her expression back to blank serenity. “I know. Like this observatory, I’m going to take some getting used to.”

Amazon Reviews:

5-STARS - "Loved this book!" by Julekat
I loved this story. It combined my two loves, science fiction and romance, wrapped up in entertaining adventure. The banter and humor between the characters had me laughing out loud. I couldn't put it down.

5-STARS - "Great read!" by Amazon Customer
This is a really great book. I loved the heroine and her journey, seeing her grow up to become confident in herself and her special abilities. All the other main characters were also well developed and endearing in their own way. The story flowed well and was well written. There plot was interesting and serous moments were balanced with moments of humor. Some parts of the story could have been fleshed out a little more, but I loved the ending and how everything came together.

Link to Amazon Kindle Page: No Such Thing

Hero & Heroine:

Ryelle Soliere: the strongest telekinetic ever to come out of the Institute, she proves her strength of power and purpose aboard the warship Odyssey, finding herself and love along the way.

Declan McCrae: engineer for the flagship Odyssey; falling for the ship’s powerful new telenetic seems inevitable until that pesky war gets in the way.

What I liked best: The fun part of writing No Such Thing lay in being able to explore the romance both when these characters were young and when they grew into adulthood. So I was able to enjoy both a sweet, slow-building romance and a sultry, sizzling-hot romance in one story.

What I liked least: Endings are always my least favorite part of writing books, but in this work I also wasn't thrilled with the large, unexplored gap between the characters' first meeting and their eventual reunion. There were things I wanted to say about those intervening years but left them out in the interest of pacing.

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