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2ND SHOWCASE: The Third Sign

In this second Showcase of my published novels, I'm turning the spotlight on The Third Sign, released Oct 2013.

The Third Sign is a scifi romantic adventure with a dark twist, non-stop action, and a little something for every reader: romance junkies, scifi enthusiasts, adrenaline addicts, even fans of (admittedly dark and quirky) humor.  Those who have read my Huntress novel and shorts will recognize common elements between The Huntress, Mea Brin, and the Black Widow, the volatile, dangerous heroine in The Third Sign. I do love strong, kick-ass females!

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Abandoned by her brother and out of her depth in one of the foulest prisons in the galaxy, Priya finds an ally in a half-mad newcomer with a deadly beauty and a mysterious past. Together they hatch a plan to break out of the prison, but before they attempt it, Priya’s brother Tier arrives as a new inmate. Determined to rescue his wayward sister, he is dismayed to find the child he knew has become a bitter, wild young woman, with a companion as magnetic as she is murderous. Between one woman’s fury at his desertion and the other woman’s seductive menace, Tier discovers escaping with his skin intact might just take a miracle.

They call me the Black Widow, the spider who kills and eats her mates. If I have another name, I don’t know it. My past is lost in blood and shadow. It never mattered until I met Priya, the quicksilver girl with a laugh like sunshine, and her brother, the first man to touch me without dying. For them, I would leave my darkness behind...but can I?


“Relax,” the woman said. “It’s just me.”

“Just you?” Hale asked with heavy irony, remembering the black leather and predator’s eyes with a stab of heat. Dangerous beauty had always been his downfall.

“I’m watching your back.”

“Sure you are,” he snorted. Beauty or not, he wasn’t stupid enough to trust. Screw, sure. Trust, no way.

Amazon Reviews:

4-STARS - "Space Escapes" by Mara
An action-packed story of secret agents, broken women, the man who helps heal them... and lots of sex and lots of death and destruction. The strange central thread of the Seekers' twisted society and quest is a very clever bit of world building.
Warning for sensitive readers - there's a lot of sex and violence that I normally would not appreciate, but it is appropriate to the story.

5-STARS - "Another Winner from Michelle O'Leary" by K.Frost
Young Priya is the only woman in a level 4 ice world prison, just trying to stay alive, until the Black Widow arrives. Sleek, dark, and deadly dangerous, the Widow doesn’t remember her past but plans to escape and find a future. When Priya’s brother, of-the-heart if not of blood, arrives to free her, the Widow accepts an uneasy alliance with Teirnan Hale only to help her new friend escape. But escaping a corrupt warden and a couple hundred degenerate prisoners is only the beginning of their problems.
Writing a good story is about saying “what if…?” What is the worst thing that could happen next to my characters, and how are they going to get out of it? You can be sure that the characters in an O’Leary novel are going to meet up with a lot of obstacles and challenges, and they’re going to find the most interesting ways to fight back. There’s a lot of good action, some blood and fighting, but it fits the book nicely. This story has more twists and turns and dead ends than a Halloween maze. I loved it, read it twice, and know I’ll be back visiting these wonderful characters again one day.

Link to Amazon Kindle Page: The Third Sign

Hero & Heroine:

Black Widow: half-mad cyborg assassin who finds redemption in the middle of hell--a pair of siblings who lead her out of darkness.

Tiernan Hale: independent contractor bent on rescuing his imprisoned sister; a sucker for dangerous beauty, he’s mesmerized by the Black Widow, though getting near her might just be the death of him

What I liked best: I loved letting out my inner "Black Widow" through Bee and the other strong characters!

What I liked least: Endings are always so hard, not just letting those characters go but giving the whole piece a good, satisfying conclusion.

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