Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Cover for The Huntress!

I'm just tickled all over at the new look for The Huntress, the very first scifi romance novel I had ever gotten published! This story and characters have a special place in my heart, so I wanted the cover to really zing. My amateur efforts at digital imaging just weren't good enough--I needed professional help. I found Laura Gordon (The Book Cover Machine) on and begged her help with this cover. Her custom design is practically perfect!! The model's face isn't exactly what Mea Brin looks like, but her kick-ass stance is perfect and that dynamic sun is too DIE for! I hope readers will be just as thrilled with the cover as I am. I'd love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment below.

New Cover Reveal The Huntress

The Hunter:
Traumatized at a young age by the violent death of her parents, Mea Brin becomes a Hunter, part of an elite policing force of the Planetary Coalition. She is the best of the best, ruthless and predatory on a hunt and driven by the memory of violence. But then she meets Seth Terrik, an escaped convict, and Regan Freya, a child recently orphaned. The pair make an impression on Mea that she can’t ignore—she feels a deep empathy for the girl and in Terrik she sees reflections of herself. Her choices seem limited—duty demands that she capture the escapee and turn the child over to the proper authorities. But Mea is not one to allow duty to define her. She creates a new choice.

The Convict:
Seth Terrik has spent more than half of his life in prison. All that he knows or cares about is survival and the fight for freedom until a trusting girl becomes his responsibility and a seductive Hunter offers him what looks like a second chance at life. The simple rules of his existence become much more complicated as he is forced to redefine the concepts of survival and freedom. What does a hardened criminal like him know of trust or love? Is he even capable of stepping beyond instinct and into human emotion?

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This title is available in Kindle e-book and paperback, sold through Amazon:
The Huntress

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