Monday, March 10, 2014

New Cover Reveal!

Angels and Ministers of Grace, my second published novel, has been out for a while and has gone through a few makeovers and edits. With this makeover, I knew I wanted the heroine Anya on the cover, but it was hard to pick a face for her. The model I chose isn't exact and doesn't have Anya's white hair, but she has the right angelic yet sensual feel to be Anya Vaedrin. This new cover is the best yet, in my humble (yet horribly biased) opinion! I hope readers will like it as much. I'd love to hear what you think, so please comment!

New Cover Reveal Angels and Ministers of Grace 

Anya Vaedrin is a woman of extraordinary talents. A singer by trade, she has earned the nickname Angel with her voice, white hair, deep blue eyes—and a secret.

In a time when telepaths hold positions of power and empaths are their weak discards, Anya is an explosive mix of the two talents. Able to both read emotions and cause others to feel anything she wishes, from joy to fear and pleasure to pain, Anya is a new breed that the telepaths would give anything to possess. Or destroy.

Pursued to the ends of human occupied space by a telepathic assassin, Anya has one last hope of safety before she must brave alien territory. Far Reach Station is known for its liberal policies towards alien species, but would they give sanctuary to one of their own when she is wanted by the Telepath Guild?

Anya's prospects seem grim when she is confronted by Jason Salvatore, the surly second in command of the station, and Captain Marta Jamison makes the station a dubious refuge when it becomes clear that she has an agenda all her own.

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This title is available in Kindle e-book and paperback, sold through Amazon:
Angels and Ministers of Grace

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